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Water Treatment for Cooling Towers is critical. Cooling towers are integral pieces of equipment to many businesses today, allowing companies to remove heat from their environments to cool down their buildings and processes. These specialized heat exchangers run on the principles of water-cooling methods. As a result, they need proper water treatment in order to keep costs low and maintain high cooling efficiencies.

Proper water treatment in your cooling tower system is required to minimize the risk of corrosion, scaling, and microbiological build-up. These issues can reduce plant productivity, cause unplanned downtime, and require costly equipment replacements if conditions get out of control. That’s why everyone who uses a cooling tower needs to treat their water.

While specific water treatment programs will vary from one application to the next, typical cooling tower water treatment will cover one or more of the following areas:

•	Filtration
•	Chemical treatment
•	Side-stream filtration
•	Water Softening Plant
•	Reverse Osmosis Plant
•	Nano Filtration (NF) Plant

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