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What are side stream filters?

For filtering of Cooling Tower water, Side Stream filters are most typically utilized. To remove particles and pollutants from cooling tower water, they employ relatively coarse sand and other granular media.

The suspended particles are retained in the sand matrix as water runs through the filter media under pressure. The filtration velocities of these filters are usually quite high.

Side Stream Filter For Cooling Tower

Any filter used to clean a section of cooling tower water is referred to as a side stream filter or sidestream filter. Side stream filter for Cooling Tower filters a portion of the water on a continual basis. This method is based on the idea that keeping the system clean requires continual particle removal. Side stream filters are frequently packaged on a skid, complete with pump and controls.. This technology is especially cost-effective for high-flow systems.


To achieve best filter performance, side stream filters for cooling towers must be properly sized. The side stream filter is typically sized to constantly filter the cooling tower basin water at a rate of 10% of the overall circulation flow rate. A sidestream filter with a 120 gal/min capacity is specified if the total flow of a system is 1,200 gal/min (a 400-ton system).


Our engineers the particle concentration in cooling tower water and install sidestream filters with appropriate screens. A typical cooling tower side stream filter will have a screen that ranges from 50 to 300 microns (variation based on water quality data — coarser or finer screens may be chosen as needed).


OEMs who sell cooling tower side stream filters can simply incorporate a side stream filter into a larger package, with or without skid installation. Our whole line of side stream filters may be customized to meet the needs of each customer in terms of flange size, construction material, screen opening, valve type, and controller. Our engineers will work directly with you from the start to modify components to your specific needs, ensuring that you have the best filter for the job.


Work with our engineers to start saving money on a side stream filter for your firm! Call us right now at +91 98981 88969 or mail us, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible to help you choose the best sidestream filter for your cooling tower!

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