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The quality of fresh water supplied by local bodies or bore well water, Ordinary tap water or bore well water can contain total hardness, dissolved metals, including lead and iron. It might contain nitrates, chlorine and mineral salts which can directly affect the performance of equipment installed in utility area of any commercial/Industrial Premises.

Water quality for cooling and drinking application is a major issue with all type of institution and commercial industry which always demand soft water to perform their HVAC system at low energy and high cooling level without scale formation on their heat exchangers and low TDS water for drinking & kitchen use. Scale formation in pipeline and sanitary ware is also one of the major concerns in this sector which also contribute to the maintenance of property.

Aquila’s Range of Water Treatment Plant consist of Water Softener, Reverse Osmosis Plant, Ultra Filtration system is convenient and less costly than overall Life cycle cost of equipment. Best of all, water treatment plant pays for itself over time and makes a difference you will notice every day.

Aquila use the best-in-class technology and cutting-edge tools to foster high-quality, sustainable, community-level water supply sewage treatment plant, Water Treatment Plant and industrial ro plant projects in Gujarat, India across the Ahmedabad

These plants are one of our most popular utility plants that are known for its high efficiency, leak poof and less maintenance. We also provide installation & operation training along with onsite support for the plant to our clients.

•	Reverse Osmosis Plant
•	Water Softener
•	ultra-filtration Plant

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A zero liquid discharge process diagram that highlights how wastewater from an industrial process is converted via a ZLD plant to solids and treated water for reuse.

Zero liquid discharge is a process that is beneficial to industrial and municipal organizations as well as the environment because it saves money and no effluent, or discharge, is left over. ZLD systems employ the most advanced wastewater treatment technologies to purify and recycle virtually all of the wastewater produced. Also Zero liquid discharge technologies help plants meet discharge and water reuse requirements, enabling businesses to:

• Meet stringent cooling tower blowdown and flue gas desulfurization (FGD) discharge regulations.

• Treat and recover valuable products from waste streams.

• Better manage produced water.

A Zero liquid discharge facility (ZLD), is an industrial plant without discharge of wastewaters. Target ZLD is normally reached by

• Waste water strong recovery

• Separation by evaporation or boiling of water part of waste water not reusable, in evaporators, crystallizers and condensate recovery. ZLD plants produce solid waste

ZLD : Integration of Technologies

• Filtration System

• COD Removal/Nano Filtration Plant

• Ultra Filtration Plant

• Reverse Osmosis Plant

• MEE System


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